Temporary Part Time Angel

Are You A Temporary Part-time Angel

Are You A

Temporary Part-Time Ange

Whether you found yourself here intentionally, or by chance you are or have been a Temporary Part Time Angel.
There have been times we have been guided to play a part whether it was a small part (you crossed someone’s path, delayed them a few seconds, preventing an accident, or put them in the right spot to save someone’s life.) We don’t know just how many people play a part in this kind of story.

We have all heard of stories about a person who was walking down a street smelled smoke, stopped, looked, and saw which house it was coming from and ran up to the door. Banging on it till someone woke up, and as a result saved all their lives. This gets in the news. How many people had to be involved to see that he was there on time not too early or too late, these people never realized just how important their seemingly little part really was. In fact most of the time we don’t ever know we play a part in a life changing event.
In our every day lives it can be as little as a smile or a kind word to someone who needs it especially when they don’t even know it. Sometimes we have to give “That Person” a lot of smiles and kind words in order to get past their fears. Yes! I do mean Fears.

One place where we lived there was an elderly Blackman who always sat on his porch every evening, and every evening when I would take my walk I would always put a smile on and say Hello, but he never answered.
On weekends, his two grandchildren would visit him Friday through Sunday, and my two younger children would play with his grandchildren.
Finally, one Saturday he got up from his rocking chair pointed back where the children were playing, and only said “What do you see?” I looked and said “I see four children playing he asked What else do you see.” I looked trying to pay attention to the details, finally I asked “What did I miss.” He answered back “Want a cold beer” I had played a part. Small or large I don’t know. What is important was that someone played that part. I just happened to be there and was willing. ~ George

Stories like these, come from people like you!

Sharing your own personal Temporary Part Time Angel story brings joy not only to our staff, but the readers of our web site and maybe eventually the book.