Temporary Part Time Angel

The Movement Begins

I was driving, when all of a sudden I saw the book cover, like a heads-up display. I thought this was a book that I would write, but I soon realized the true authors were all the people who accepted the job of being a “Temporary Part Time Angel” and those who have taken the time to share their personal experiences, with you and me. It became obvious that what started out as a book was a lot more. More than a book, more than me and more than any one person; I simply was given an opportunity to help get this project - this movement started. The real Temporary Part Time Angels are around us every day. The person who says are you OK when you look like you’ve lost your last friend, the person who says can I get that for you when you can’t bend, or stretch to reach that item on the shelf because your body just can’t do it. The person on the other end of that 911 call, and the people who come to the rescue whether in a fire engine, a patrol car, or an ambulance. The person who coaches the little league team even though he has no children. The woman with a dozen adopted children, because no one else wanted them. Even the woman who told me she tries to give everyone a smile and a kind word whenever she can. I have met hundreds of people like these, and there are two things they all have in common, they make a difference in people’s lives, it makes them happy, and they feel good about themselves. That is why I say “If you want to feel good about yourself then do something kind for someone else.

George Bailey.

"A young man recently said to me, “I don’t ask what I have to gain, but what do I have to lose. If what they have to gain far out ways what I have to lose, then I go ahead and do it. Except things like saving a child’s live. Then you just do whatever it takes” (quote by CMCB)

Stories like these, come from people like you!

Sharing your own personal Temporary Part Time Angel story brings joy not only to our staff, but the readers of our web site and maybe eventually the book.