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The Fire Fighter/EMT

I met Frank early one morning; his family was still asleep at the motel next to the McDonalds. Frank and his family were here on vacation from upper New York State. I had asked him what he did and he told me he was retired from the Fire Department after thirty years. I told him about the book and there is a chapter just for people in uniform that save our lives every day, and I asked him to share his favorite experience with me and the readers.
He thought for a moment then said” when we go to a house fire there is a set procedure that we go through. One of the steps we check each and every room under the beds and in the closets, any place a person or animal would hide. On one such fire, after the house was supposedly cleared I got a very strong feeling to recheck just one of the bedrooms. So I did, just as I was about to leave the bedroom I thought I heard a sound from the closet. When I looked in the closet all I saw was a pile of cloths, but I still heard a sound, and started moving the pile, and there huddled in the corner under all the cloths was this little girl. She was only six. The cloths themselves had protected her from the smoke and the heat. Another few minutes would have been too late. I knew I had to get her out of there ASAP. As I carried her out the door I heard the call for everyone out, I carried her to the ambulance, then looked back to see the roof burst into flames.
In less than fifteen minutes what was left of the house collapsed.

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