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Motorcycle Trip

I was coming back home to Florida on my motorcycle, after ten wonderful days with my son. Traveling down I-75 in Georgia I got the feeling to stop and get gas, it took less than half a tank. Soon I was back on the interstate. Shortly after I passed the sign that said Rest Area Next Exit, I heard a women’s voice say get off. I was on the motorcycle by myself. Looking at the speedometer I said “But I’ve only been eight miles.” Then she yelled “Get Off!”, so I swerved into the rest area, and pulled into a parking spot between a sedan and a mini-van. As I took off my helmet, trying to figure out what just happened, a whole bunch of little girls got out of the van and headed for the bathroom. One of the mothers said “Did you close the door.” Instead of going back on the sidewalk the little girl went back behind the parked sedan. She was about two inches shorter than the trunk of the car. As she rounded the back left corner of the sedan, I saw the backup lights come on and the car started to move. Because of where I stood, I was able to drop my helmet, take two giant steps, scoop up the little girl with my left arm and hit the back of the car with my right hand. The mother frantically ran to the spot where I was still holding her daughter not knowing if she was hurt or what. She took the frightened little girl into her arms, and hugged her tightly. Thanked me and then as she spoke to the man in the car, or should I say spoke at him. I realized why I had been there, and my job was done. So I put my helmet back on and left.As I pulled back onto I-75 I heard the same woman, she never said a word, but hummed to me for the rest of the trip home. For the next few days all the colors looked brighter, the flowers smelled sweeter, and the food tasted better and every step I took felt lighter.
~ Georg Rolf

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